Lesson Plan

Hello, I would like to share our suggested at-home learning schedule for the week. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for details.

Sample time table:
Bible/ Prayer (30 min)
(30-45 minutes)
(30 min)
Break outside (15)
Science (I am substituting Nature) (30 min)
Grammar (30 min)
(30 min)
Writing Prompt (20-40min) depending on age
Shakespeare (30 min)

Our personal family goal and Ambleside School International’s suggestion:
Limit all video/cell access during the school week. This discipline on your part (because it will cost you dearly in the beginning) will spark new interest and engagement in your student, but it will take a few days of withdrawal.

Schedule details:
Literature- We will be reading Under the Lilacs by Luisa May Alcott. This book is available on LibriVox as an audible as well. Read and narrate.

Bible- We will be reading through the book of Mark as a K-6th community. Each weekday, as a family, read and narrate through a chapter of Mark. Pause to narrate after a scene or completed thought, asking your students to tell back using a starting line from the text. For example, when reading Mark 1, pause after verse 8 and ask for the student to tell back from, “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” A quality narration demonstrates the student’s assimilation. Listen for and expect them to tell back with accurate details, use of the author’s language, and correct sequencing.

Composition and Grammar will be taken from our Bible or a well chosen living History book. The parent/teacher will give the writing prompt using the quality narration description from above. Younger students will copy a passage chosen from the living book. The passage chosen should provide grammar, spelling and Phonics ideas. We never want students writing/spelling incorrectly. If the student isn’t ready for writing without errors, they learn best by transcribing beautiful literature. Have the student underline 10 words that are challenging to them. Work on those words’ phonograms. Practice writing neatly and correctly. Later in the week, dictate this passage or paragraph for them to write.

Music- Joseph Haydn, Have music playing throughout the day. Consider playing Joseph Haydn’s The Seasons or The Creation (from youtube). You may delight in reading Joseph Haydn: The Merry Little Peasant.

Math- Spend 10 minutes working on math facts/skip counting and mental math.
Optional Math Round 2 – Write out or print division, multiplication, addition, subtraction problems. Spend 20 minutes working on these. (Google: Singapore math worksheets for ideas.)

Play-Creative play outdoors as often as possible with nature walks, journaling with watercolors or sketching the different types of trees in your neighborhood. If it’s raining, look and sketch what you see from your window. Listen to the birds. Talk about what you see and hear.

We can embrace this time at home as an opportunity to delight in our children and offer a beautiful environment in which to learn. I pray this week is beautiful in every way for you and your family.

If this schedule seems overwhelming, pick one or two ideas and start there. The main objective is to find joy in something beautiful and begin to understand it a little more in the process.

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